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Entry From and Conditions:

1. Deadline for submission of applications: March 18, 2018
2. All works made after January 1st 2015.
3. Shortfilm submitted through our website using vimeo, youtube or other service must be available at least until June 30, 2018
4. I hereby authorize the inclusion of the works sent in the "Festival Alto Vicentino" Archive. The works submitted will not be returned. I allow the projection of the submitted material during other initiatives organized by "Festival Alto Vicentino" staff. I also authorize the use of 20” of short film for promotional uses.
5. The staff reserve the right to make a pre-selection of movies to be viewed by the jury. A list of this movie will be published on the website.
6. The maximum duration of each work is set to 20 minutes. In case of non-Italian dialogues, Italian or English subtitles are mandatory. In case of English-only subtitles, please attach full English subtitles also in text format and two versions of the movie, one with English subtitles and one with no subtitles.
7. Winners will be notified by 30 May 2018.
8. The staff is not responsible for any damage or theft to the works in competition
9. Each participant may present no more than 1 work.
10. The money amount of the first prize will be publish on our website:
10. Entry fee to submission throught our website is 5€ (via paypal)

Accept all the terms of the regulation above. The data provided will be treated in accordance with the regulations regarding privacy and will not be provided to third parties.

You authorize the staff to use the works entered for any publications related to Festival Alto Vicentino. These publications, however, will not be sold or used for profit.